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Repair windows of your house in Georgia

The problem with the windows? Breakage, blowing or another reason? Our many years of experience will help solve any problem with your windows! We perform all types of work: from simple adjustment to super-complex orders involving industrial climbers and construction equipment.

What problems do we help solve?

We are ready to repair  windows of any complexity, regardless of how long they were installed, what kind of help you need. We offer repair of windows at a bargain price, and are also ready to deal with a whole list of the main problems that make themselves felt:

  1. Doors no longer fit snugly to the frame - most likely the problem lies in the wear of the seal. It can be solved only one way - to remove the old sealing elements, replace them with new ones. Such a repair of windows will be inexpensive and the price, since the material for the work will require a minimum, and the change is very simple.
  2. Sagging of the window casements, the window is difficult to close. There are several reasons for such a problem, starting with the installation of a poor-quality window, ending with problems that arose during installation due to non-compliance with the installation technology. It is simply impossible to eradicate the damage yourself - for this you need to call a specialist of our company to perform a preliminary diagnosis.
  3. Condensation or rainwater in the room. The reason for which the problem is manifested is the ingress of moisture into the grooves, the lack of tightness at the installation joints. It is necessary to process the window around the perimeter.
  4. The problem is the integrity of the glass. Even an inexpensive repair of windows in this case implies the replacement of the glass unit.
  5. Deformation of the window frame. Most often observed due to the use of cheap material during installation of the structure. Arises due to the deformation of the wall panels during the shrinkage of the building itself. Observed with incorrect installation of the window box. In this case, the repair and replacement of the frame.
  6. Removal of condensate inside the window. The main causes of the problem are poor sealing of the glass. Its dismantling and replacement are carried out by specialists of our company.

These are the main difficulties that may arise during the operation of the structure, but in any of the above cases, the repair of  windows will be offered to you by our company's specialists.

Hardware problems

There is another direction in which repair is also relevant. This is a problem that occurs with accessories. Perhaps this is due to the long term of its use, and due to incorrect installation of the window.

We carry out both the modernization of double-glazed windows, and the adjustment of the window mechanisms, the adjustment of the comb, the handle, the hinges, and so on.

Employees of our company are ready to perform various types of work that relate to both the repair and restoration of  windows. In parallel, we can make adjustments and annual maintenance of windows. Timely contacting us guarantees that your window maintenance costs will be minimal, and you will have to incur specific expenses only in case of physical damage to the glass unit. Appeal to us - a pledge of comfort in your home.

Repair windows and doors - quickly and conveniently


You can pay in cash or just transfer money to our company.


The service engineer will arrive at a convenient time for you.

Package of documents

The contract before the start of work, closing documents on time.

Standing staff of craftsmen

The company has a permanent staff of craftsmen with at least 5 years experience!

Experienced craftsmen

For many years, we have selected highly qualified and conscientious specialists.

High quality parts

We have been choosing suppliers of window fittings for many years. This allowed us to provide an extended warranty on our work. At the same time keep the cost of work low.

Warranty on all work

Most of our clients come to us on the recommendations, this is the best proof that we perform our work efficiently and do not refuse warranty cases.

We are ready to provide repair windows of any complexity.

Repair windows in Georgia

We are ready to help solve even minor problems. Departure service engineer usually carried out the next day after treatment.


Repair of windows and balcony doors in a cottage or country house

Among our clients, there are always and will be owners of suburban real estate.

The window repair wizard is ready to travel all over the state the day after the call.


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